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Play-n-Squeak Shake Y'r Tail Feather Cat Toy

Play-n-Squeak Shake Y'r Tail Feather Cat Toy

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Squeaky Mouse with a Feather Tail

OurPet's Play-n-Squeak Shake Y'r Tail Feather is an adorable little mouse which squeaks when your cat pounces on it. An ounce of mouse equals a ton of pounce! The cute feather tail adds extra fun.

  • All Play-N-Squeak® toys, from OurPet's, feature an electronic sound module that produces the amazingly realistic RealMouse™ sound - a "squeak" that is the same frequency and loudness as a real mouse!
  • Play-N-Squeak toys include long-life batteries and catnip
  • Remove the plastic tab to start the squeak, and cut off all labels

Discontinued, very limited supply.