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Whether you're taking your kitty to the vet, your Aunt Violet's or Vergennes, Vermont, we stock a range of carriers in a variety of sizes and shapes.

We offer a soft-sided carrier and standard hard-sided carriers which are equipped with built-in slats for your car's seat-belt to pass through, so your kitty can be secure while you drive.

Buyer's tip

Experts advise that for transporting your cat by car, you should ALWAYS have the fur baby enclosed safely in an approved carrier. Think of getting a carrier that coddles your cat. Too much spare room when you need to slam on your brakes means too much distance for your cat to travel into the side of the carrier and thus a greater risk of injury. Also, a smaller space can simply make your cat feel more safe and less stressed.

For cats that travel by air cargo, a larger carrier is more practical, especially if it can contain a water container.

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