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Farewell, Junior Fluffkins

On April 6, 2023, we said goodbye to Junior Fluffkins, the face in the store's icon/logo.  He made it to 18 years old, in the approximation that comes with taking a stray kitten into your life. He was a little guy, clearly less than a year when our lives came together, so I'm pretty sure about the age. 

Junior Fluffkins strutted into my world on July 22, 2005. I was sitting on my front porch when a young Norwegian Forest cat confidently walked up to me, scratched my shin, and thereby said "Tag! You are now my Mom!" And he came back the next day. And that was that. 

His personality was as big as his paws were floofy. Well, all of him was floofy. Especially his tail. 

He was our morning rooster, with a paw on my face and a smooch on my cheek at the first ray of light (very early, in the summertime!). He was such a love, and enjoyed giving kissies on the lips whenever he could.

He became the inspiration for this store, and the face of it. 

Farewell Dearest Junior. I'm sure you're making the other side of the bridge that much fluffier and lovelier. XXXXX