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Play-n-Squeak Raccoon Cat Toy

Play-n-Squeak Raccoon Cat Toy

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Play-n-Squeak Raccoon Backyard Friend

This is one OurPets' Play-n-Squeak Backyard Friends. This darling Raccoon provides the electronic sound when your kitties bat at it and toss it around. Made of super-soft plush furry fabric with a plush fluffy tail, black ears and a cute black "face mask", this critter will help keep your cat active, alert, and energized as she hunts and plays.  And it includes catnip! Simply remove the clear plastic tab to get the chatter sound. 

  • All Play-N-Squeak® toys, from OurPet's, feature an electronic sound module that produces the amazingly realistic RealMouse™ sound - a "squeak" that is the same frequency and loudness as a real mouse!
  • Play-N-Squeak toys include long-life batteries and catnip
  • Remove the plastic tab to start the squeak, and cut off all labels

Discontinued, very limited supply.