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Self-Warming Semi-Private Cat Hut - Brown - from Cat Supplies and More
Self-Warming Semi-Private Cat Hut - Grey - from Cat Supplies and More

K&H Self-Warming Kitty Hut

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Self-Warming Semi-Private Cat Hut

K&H Triangular Self-Warming Hut features privacy but a wide opening for watching the state of the food bowl. It is cozy and comfortable due to the self-warming insulation which is securely sewn into the sleeping surface of the bed. The inside is a lovely plush fabric while the outside comes two colors/patterns which will go with any decor. Your kitty will be comfortable while still able to keep an eye on things.


  • Completely machine washable
  • Great for pets that need that extra bit of privacy.
  • Self-warming insulation
  • 12in × 8in × 12in
  • Available in 2 colors
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