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Da Bird Wand Toy Super Feather Attachment from Cat Supplies and More
Da Bird Wand Toy Super Feather Attachment

Da Bird Wand Toy Super Feather Attachment

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Extra Feathers for Da Bird

This SUPER refill is an 8" replacement for Da Bird™ but comes with 3 big pheasant feathers (the regular refill comes with 1 pheasant feather). Connects to the string on Da Bird Wand Toy as easily as opening and closing a safety pin.  Be sure to pick up plenty of refills, as your kitty is sure to love Da Bird feather cat toy to pieces!

  • Da Bird wand and all attachments are hand-crafted in the USA
  • Additional attachments: Original FeatherKitty PuffDa Wild Thing; and Fur Fun
  • Colors vary but please contact us if you have a special color and we will try to accommodate your preference
  • Please note, we do not carry the Sparkler attachment because of occurrences of cats' mouths being cut by the mylar ribbons on similar wand toys