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Da Bird Feather Wand Cat Toy from Cat Supplies and More

Da Bird Feather Wand Cat Toy

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Amazing Flying Cat Toy

Da Bird feather cat toy really gets cats going! Da Bird consists of a 36" pull-apart fiberglass rod, 34" 50lb-test braided nylon string and aerodynamically configured feathers that mimic the action of a real bird in flight. It is recommended by veterinarians and cat owners for high-energy interactive play and exercise, and our own cats are crazy for Da Bird!

  • Da Bird wand and all attachments are hand-crafted in the USA
  • The attachment can easily be replaced with the Original Feather; Super Feather; Kitty Puff; Da Wild Thing and Fur Fun
  • Colors vary but please contact us if you have a special color and we will try to accommodate your preference
  • Please note, we do not carry the Sparkler attachment because of occurrences of cats' mouths being cut by the mylar ribbons on similar wand toys