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Senior Blend (Senior Support) 2oz bottle for Cats from Cat Supplies & More

Animal Essentials Senior Support Liquid Support - 2oz

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Liquid Support for Senior Cats

Senior Blend from Animal Essentials is a tonic to support the whole body, mind, and spirit for older cats. Senior Blend contains a broad array of what herbalists consider "tonic herbs":

  • Alfalfa, Dandelion and Milk Thistle for strengthening liver function and digestion
  • Ginkgo and Hawthorn for the circulatory system
  • Oatstraw for the nervous system
  • Garlic as an antioxidant and immune system tonic
  • Marshmallow to soothe and tonify the urinary and digestive tract

Many holistic veterinarians believe this blend may help strengthen the kidneys. This formula is suitable for dogs also.

Available in a 2oz bottle with dropper.