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Kitten Feeding Chart

In August, 2011, I had my second crash course in how to feed a newborn, orphaned (or effectively orphaned) kitten -- she was found lost from her feral mother's den.  This kitten I needed to feed was 1 day old, and on a Saturday night, I called an emergency vet number for help, and a very nice vet gave me some advice. I also got my hands on KRM Formula (liquid), a feeding bottle, and a little oral syringe from past prescriptions. 

It’s very important to NOT turn the kitten on its back when feeding with the dropper — do not hold the kitten like a human baby upside down. Kittens feed while on lying on their tummies, nursing from their mother’s nipples, so hold the kitten that way.

Here is the newborn kitten feeding chart that was given to me:

  • 2 tbsp total per day
  • Because 1 tbsp = 15ml, 2 tbsp = 30ml per day
  • Aim for 10 feedings per day = 3ml per feeding

    This is suitable for the first week, after which the amount can be increased.  The vet said she didn't think I could overfeed a kitten but I read online that infant's kidneys are delicate, and I chose to err on the side of caution, giving my kitten enough but not letting her gorge herself. 

    With this feeding amount, I went through two small cans of KRM the first week. The second week I switched to powdered KRM and went through one large can in exactly three weeks. I went through most of one large can in the next 4 weeks, by which time she was 8 weeks old and uninterested in milk.