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Keeping your cats healthy, happy and looking their best

Healthy cats are happy cats, and we know how cat owners are dedicated to keeping their cats healthy and happy. In all cases of health issues, we believe the first line of defense is a visit (or a least a call) to the vet. But for some problems and issues, over-the-counter remedies are entirely appropriate. We carry a number of natural, homeopathic remedies and medications formulated for basic problems such as hairballs and itchy skin and feline eczema, as well as flea treatment and prevention.

To help your cat stay well-groomed, we offer a variety of wet and dry shampoos, brushes and combs. We hope to carry more soon so please check back!  

Dental care is an issue for our furmily. We have a virtually toothless senior cat. And all our cats are on a wet-food-only regime because of feline urinary tract issues, which means they lose the advantage of the natural tooth-cleaning provided by dry food.  If your cat has delicate health or a specific health issue, dental treatment may not be possible due to the risk from the anesthesia. Prevention by cleaning your cat's teeth can go a long way to helping maintain oral health. Oral disease is often associated with other health issues and infections, so consider regular cleaning at home to help prevent tooth decay and infections, gum disease and other complications. For cats who need it, cleaning teeth takes patience but can be done. 

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