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Ratherbee Candy Stix Catnip Toy

Ratherbee Candy Stix Catnip Toy

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Middle-Sized Catnip Toy

Ratherbee's Candy Stix are a middle-of-the-road size of catnip toy, suitable as for all size. It's 6" long and a bit more narrow than the 6" Nips. Also, the fabric is a bit more thin than the heavier fabric of the 6" Nips. It might be easier for your kitty to taste and smell the 100% organic catnip filling these great Candy Stix. Easy for any cat to hold, lick, bite, and thoroughly enjoy. 

Please note, fabrics change frequently and this image is a few fabrics and does not represent the patterns you will receive.

  • Eco-grown and made in America (Pennsylvania)
  • 100% full of 100% Certified Organic catnip, no fillers
  • Do cut off the tag before giving it to your kitteh