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Ratherbee Halloween Kitty Kicker - Limited Edition

Ratherbee Halloween Kitty Kicker - Limited Edition

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Limited Edition Catnip Kicking Toy for Halloween 

The Ratherbee Kitty Kicker Catnip Toy came out with this great Halloween fabric of a black background with scary green bats, made by Blue Rat (as are all these Kitty Kicker toys). The Kitty Kickers are a whopping 11" long, 2" wide, and are stuffed with 2.2oz of the famous Blue Rat organic catnip. These toys are made for kitties who love to hold onto a toy with their front legs while kicking the toy with their hind legs. They are bound to last a loooong time. These are the same as the Big Kickers in size and shape but the Kitty Kickers come in a variety of bright and fun print twill fabrics. The lovely people at Blue Rat grows all their organic catnip with eco-friendly techniques, and hand-makes each cat toy. 

  • Eco-grown and made in America (Pennsylvania)
  • 100% full of 100% Certified Organic catnip, no fillers
  • Do cut off the tag before giving it to your kitteh

Very limites quantity!