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Pet Winery Purrgundy Cat Wine from Cat Supplies & More
Pet Winery Purrgundy Cat Wine from Cat Supplies & More

Cat Wine Purrgundy

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A Cat Wine Bar for your Feline!

    CatWine makes a variety of "wines" for your cats. CatWine Purrgundy is a non-alcoholic beverage purr-fectly formulated for cats of all ages, designed to accompany you with your human wine, or just for fun! This feline treat is made from filtered water, infused with catnip, and enriched with salmon oil. Let your feline friends enjoy Purrgundy Wine from PetWinery anytime! Available in 2 sizes.

    Cats will drink it, paw at it, lick off paws, or just get silly from smell. Please note that all cats act differently and we can't guarantee that your cat will love it. Always check with your veterinarian before introducing something new to your pet's diet.


    Filtered water, Organic Catnip, Salmon Oil, Organic Food Coloring
    Contains NO: salt or artificial preservatives

    Directions for Use

    1.6oz Bottles: Pour entire bottle into a small bowl 

    5oz Bottles: Pour up to a 1/2 bottle into a small bowl (per cat)