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Big Mouth Litter Scoop from Cat Supplies & More

Big Mouth Litter Scoop

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Easy to Handle Cat Litter Scoop

How often have you been scooping cat litter and have it fall over the sides as you try to dump it into a container, and it ends up on your floor instead? That happens here more often than we like. We found a fantastic solution: the Wide Mouth Litter Scoop by Pioneer Pet.  This stylish litter scoop has a handle that fits perfectly in your hand. With its wide mouth you can clean up your litter box in one pass. 



  • It's solid back and handle protect your hand from the litter

  • It's wide mouth and 6" length allow for one-scoop clean up 

  • The unique shape prevents litter from spilling on your floor

  • The durable plastic resin ensures long-lasting usage