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Our Response to COVID-19

We're paying attention to best advice

We at Cat Supplies & More are paying close attention to input about COVID-19 from a variety of sources, including the generic news but also e-blasts from medical sources, updates from scientific websites and emails from veterinarian communities. We take it all in and we care about what they are saying.

For ourselves, we’re in self-isolation, with the exception of the occasions when we simply must run to the Post Office or UPS for business, and of course occasional outings for groceries and other personal needs.

We acquired some N95 masks early on and have fabric coverings, lots of hand sanitizers, and spray bottles of strong sanitizers. And of course we religiously sing "Happy Birthday to me" twice through with soap and hot water. (During a recent birthday we sang with extra gusto!!) 

We are in touch with wholesalers

For those instances when we’ve had to restock since COVID-19 began, we’ve heard from our wholesale suppliers about the care they’re taking. When packages arrive, we wear masks and gloves, and spray with sanitizers. When we ship, we wear masks and gloves, and use sanitizers. And the products we sell are stored in airtight containers which are not kept in any common areas where they could be contaminated.

We’re experiencing shipping concerns

We have noticed some shipping has been impacted. Deliveries to and from Cat Supplies & More are taking longer than normal for long-distance shipping, and significantly longer when air freight is involved, as so few jets are flying these days. We hope everyone can be patient and understanding about getting their packages.

We care about the animals

We know there has been discussion about pets getting COVID-19. There have been many sources of discussion from both sides. Some big cats at the Bronx Zoo contracted COVID-19, presumably from a human. We would like to offer this link for you to peruse for some good information: https://coronavirustechhandbook.com/pets

We support ‘Made in America’

We very much appreciate small businesses who, we feel, are the heart and soul of America, and many of which are getting hit hard right now. We hope you will support American small businesses by shopping for items made in America. And you can find ‘Made in America’ products we sell at this link:  https://www.catsuppliesandmore.com/collections/made-in-america 

Thank you for your support!