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Durascoop Mini Metal Litter Scoop from Cat Supplies and More

Durascoop Mini Metal Litter Scoop

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Sturdy Scoops for Smaller Needs

We love Durascoops being so -- durable for scooping cat litter!  The original Durascoops Litter Scoops are quite large and sturdy. These smaller litter scoop are easier for small hands, smaller litter pans, or small bags to scoop into. They are ideal for a single-cat home. The Durascoop Mini Litter Scoop is 11.6" high  x 4.75" wide x 1.25" deep -- a normal size, not at all "miniature" as the name might imply.  Each is covered with a nice non-corrosive, powder-coated finish. The all-steel construction means they won’t bend or flick or break. Durascoop Litter Scoops are fantastic for people who find the big scoops to be too much.