A toy for every kitty's preference

A toy for every kitty's preference

Kitties' taste in toys is as varied as our preferences for toys and hobbies. Some cats like small toys, some like big toys. Some love catnip, some like fur toys, some prefer sisal. Some like balls, others like mice. Some love the lasers or wands. Some just want to lie down and lick something filled with catnip without actually spending energy (we have some of those cats). We offer a variety of toys, including many that are made entirely of natural for kitty parents who prefer natural toys.

We also have toys to play on and in, such as tunnels, bags and even a big piece of cheese. Along the same lines, please check out our line of cat furniture for more fun places to play.

Catnip ToysCatnip ToysOur line-up of catnip toys include from those with catnip sewn into them, pockets for you to add catnip, and catnip infused in plastic during manufacturing. We offer a range from the most basic "burlap bag" catnip toy to fancy critter toys, something for all price ranges and preferences. Catnip-Free ToysCatnip-Free ToysMany cats need variety in toys, and occasionally catnip is not welcome, so we provide many toys to bat and toss without catnip included or infused. We have a variety of mice and balls, made of a range of materials from fur to sisal to faux fur. And of course most of our ball toys are free of catnip but provide hours of fun.
Mechanical ToysMechanical ToysWe offer a growing line of electronic interactive toys including laser lights that allow you to be actively involved with your cat's playtime, and the wonderful toys from the makers of the Panic Mouse and Undercover Mouse. Your cats and kittens can have endless fun and exercise. Sacks & TunnelsSacks & TunnelsFor some cats and kittens, crinkle sacks and tunnels provide a wild space to play and hide. Plastic encased in fabric creates a crinkling and crackling noise that some cats adore. We also have a big plush shoe and a plush piece of cheese for more hide-and-seek fun!
Wand/Pole ToysWand/Pole ToysWand cat toys provide a great way for you to help your fur-babies get some exercise while you play together. Typically consisting of feathers, ribbons, or even just a rolled piece of paper dangling at the end of a wire -- cats love to jump and chase after the "bird" or "bug" flying through the air or buzzing across the floor.

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