Health & GroomingCat and kitten medications and health remedies, cat brushes and shampoos, treatments for fleas, skin irritations and eczema, feline dental care, food supplements, vitamins, dietary supplements for kittens, senior cats, L-Lysine for a healthy immune system
Cat/Kitten Food, Formula, & TreatsWet and dry holistic cat food in cans, cases, and bags. Also, infant kitten formula in powder and liquid, and kitten food. And of course, semi-moist and crunchy treats in a variety of flavors.
Cat AccessoriesAll the accessories necessary for food, water, transport, hygiene, play space, and sleeping space: beds, bowls and feeders, carriers and cages, collars, harnesses, litter box supplies, scratchers (horizontal and vertical posts), and cat furniture.
Cat ToysA wide range of toys including including mice and other critters, balls, and pom-poms, made from sissal, plush, and fur. Toys with catnip and toys free of catnip. Games, laser lights, and remotes, and also wand toys.
MiscellaneousOdor and stain removers, as well as sprays and treatments, including Feliway brand products, for behavior modification.

Also, look here for Pet Video Cameras!
Kitten SuppliesFood, toys, furniture, and accessories specifically created for the size, health, and well-being of kittens.
Custom Pet PortraitCat Supplies and More is the sole source for commissioned pet portraits by Jill Jones, the artist behind Omnipets Art. Do you have a beloved pet who you would like to immortalize?  Omnipets Art offers custom pet portraits in acrylics on canvas. Omnipets Art will paint your dogs, cats, birds, horses, and small animals, and all we need is photographs on which to base the art. Many sizes available, to cover a range of pocket-book sizes and wall spaces.
All Natural Cat Supplies
Eco-Friendly Cat Supplies
For the Pawrents
Dog **Stuff**
Calming Options

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