Help on Giving Vitamin Chews

Help on Giving Vitamin Chews

Help on Giving Vitamin Chews

We know from experience that a lot cats don't always like the vitamin chews and supplements they need. And frankly, many of them are just too big or too hard to chew and/or swallow. So we have work-arounds to share with you.   

Giving a Chew in Chunks

If your cat is good with a piller, you can break or cut the chew into chunks and give it to him or her at various times during the day using the pillar and a great sneak-from-behind technique. This works well if your cat doesn't get agressive about the piller. 

Grind up the Chew

This is our #1 method of giving vitamins and supplements: grind them up and mix them with some extra-tasty food. We have several methods for the grinding: a good old fashioned mortar and pestal works wonders, especially the deep old one.

For really hard treats (some of them are great treats but get hard over time), you can use a coffee grinder. We have a dedicated little electric coffee grinder, specifically this one from Krups. We've had it for a couple of decades. Because it cannot be dunked in water, we wipe it out with a damp rag and we don't use it for anything else.

We actually mix the ground vitamins and supplements together (L-Lysine plus hip-and-joint chews, to name a couple) and store them in a small lidded container. We scoop a bit out and into the wet catfood at each meal.  Using the powder helps get the stuff into the kitties easily. We highly recommend it. If you only feed your cat dry food, you can probably spinkle a ground mix onto that food, or you can find something else special your kitty likes. Our kitty who needs the hip-and-joint chews also loves a bit of shredded cheese and we can sprinkle the ground mix in with the cheese and he gets some vitamines that way too! 

We hope this helps!

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