In August, 2011, I had my second crash course in how to feed a newborn, orphaned (or effectly orphaned) kitten (she was found lost from her feral mother's den).  The kitten I needed to feed was 1 day old, and on a Saturday night, I called an emergency vet number for help, and a very nice vet gave me some advice. I also got my hands on KRM Formula (liquid), a feeding bottle, and an oral syringe from past prescriptions. 

Here is the newborn kitten feeding chart that was given to me:

  • 2TBLS total per day
  • Because 1TBLS = 15ml, 2TBLS = 30ml per day
  • Aim for 10 feedings per day = 3ml per feeding

This is suitable for the first week, after which the amount can be increased.  The vet said she didn't think I could overfeed a kitten but I read online that infant's kidneys are delicate, and I chose to err on the side of caution, giving my kitten enough but not letting her gorge herself. 

With this feeding amount, I went through two small cans of KRM the first week. The second week I switched to powdered KRM and went through one large can in exactly three weeks. I went through most of one large can in the next 4 weeks, by which time she was 8 weeks old and uninterested in milk.

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