Natural and healthful cat and kitten food and formula

Natural and healthful cat and kitten food and formula

We offer holistic and natural cat foods that avoid unnecessary and often unhealthy additives because we believe in quality cat food.  We try to avoid additives such as gluten (and the grains it comes with) and keep chemicals at levels that won't cause health issues (especially urinary tract issues).  Also, we pay close attention to food recalls and will never sell food from a company that has been associated with food recalls, and with animal illnesses and deaths. 

Our Kitten food and formula includes the unparalleled KMR line-up for newborns and infants. We have been there with a newborn! We take our hats off to those of you hand-feeding the wee ones! We hope our formulas and supplements help you in your amazing duties.

And remember, 5% of all your purchases goes to animal welfare to help cats and other animals in need.

Adult Dry FoodAdult Dry FoodWe recognize that many cat owners demand better dry cat food than is available at the average grocery store. We offer wholesome, healthful dry kibble for your fur baby. Adult Wet FoodAdult Wet FoodNatural, nutritious canned food made without unnecessary and often harmful additives. Available in single cans or in cases of 24 cans, in a variety of tasty flavors.
Kitten Food & FormulaKitten Food & FormulaLiquid and powder mix for kitten food and formula, as well as kitten nursing bottles and nipples. Also, canned and dry food for weened kittens. TreatsTreatsCat treats are useful not only for bonding with your kitty, but for reinforcing positive behavior and training, and with crunchy treats for helping keep teeth clean. Even kitties on a wet-only diet can usually have one or two treats a day to help remove plaque. We carry a variety of treats, with more coming soon!

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