Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Cat Supplies and More is owned and operated by a cat-loving furmily (fur family) who is passionate about animal well-being and welfare. Our mission is simple:  

Do well by doing good.

Basically, "doing well" means we want you, our friends and customers, to be happy with the products you purchase from us, and "doing good" means two things. First, it means we will only sell you products we are confident about. We won't sell you things we would NOT give to our own cats!! Second, it means we commit a portion of every purchase to something we are passionate about: animal protection and welfare.

We have experience in a wide range of cats and cat characters, including:

  • Newborns only a minute old, young strays and rescues, middle-aged cats, and cranky senior cats with no teeth and plenty of arthritis
  • Auto-immune disease, CRF (chronic renal failure), FLUTD (feline urinary tract issues), obesity, and hyperthyroidism
  • Cats on special diets and finicky princess cats
  • TNR (trap, neuter, and release feral cats) participation, and animal rescue
  • Behavior issues, both temporary and chronic
  • Cats who love treats and cats who don’t like treats but like to roll in catnip spread on the floor
  • Cats who use a doorknob scratching post and train their human to give treats when the post gets scratch, and cats who prefer an inclined scratcher and using it upside-down (butt in the air!)
  • Cats going to the Rainbow Bridge

With our commitment to animal welfare, Cat Supplies and More donates 5% of all purchases to an animal charity organization, in the form of a monthly check. We also donate to charity any foods, treats, and medicines which are past their sell-by date but still good.  We encourage you to join us in networking for animal care, animal protection legislation, and more. We also encourage you to participate in our program of educating ourselves about the best toys, products, food, health items, cat furniture, and all the things that make your cats and ours live long, healthy, and happy lives.

Cat Supplies and More wishes to thank Pam Johnson for the use of her silver and gold cat paw prints, which are available here: http://snowdropslighthouse.blogspot.com/

Credit Card Processing

Credit Card Processing

Cat Supplies and More! uses one of the leading credit card processing companies: Propay. Propay is Trust-e secure and PCI compliant. We also use Paypal, which allows you to use a credit card through Paypal or draw directly from your bank. And of course, you can use Paypal's Pay-Me-Later option when you want to stock up.

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